Tree Care

Taking the following steps will help to minimise needle drop.

The Right Tree Stand:
Please make sure you have a suitable water holding tree stand for your tree. If you don’t they will be available at our tree sale. 
Plan Ahead:
Please don’t bring your Christmas Tree into a warm environment as soon as you have collected it – this would be like coming out of a sauna and jumping into a pool of ice for the tree. 

Prepare the room where you intend the tree to be positioned by turning off any heating. If the tree is going to be near a source of heat, such as a radiator, either turn off the heat source or find an alternate location. Warm lights can also be problem.
Ultimately, this helps the tree from losing moisture from it’s needles and should make the tree last longer and look fresher.
Receiving The Tree:
When you get your tree home cut about half an inch off the stump in order to open the pores of the tree. This helps the tree to draw up water and stay fresh – (or ask us to do this when you buy your tree). 

Keep the tree outside in a cool place standing in water with the net on before bringing it indoors. Do not remove the net until the tree has been brought in as it can be difficult to manoeuvre unwrapped.
Before bringing the tree indoors, bang the bottom of the tree to remove any loose needles which the tree naturally sheds throughout it’s life. 
Preventing Needle Drop:
As our trees are natural they will all drop small amounts of needles while they are living. Tips to  minimise needle drop include:
  • Lowering the room temperature and minimising any draughts by keeping doors closed
  • Bringing the tree indoors with the mesh intact
  • Cutting the mesh carefully so to avoid damaging the tree
  • Not placing the tree near a heat source such as a radiator, fire or light
  • Using a water holding Christmas Tree Stand and keeping it topped up each day – (a tree can drink up to 2 litres of water per day!).